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15 September 2017
Remarketing - SmartWebDesign

How does Remarketing work and does your website needs it?

Remarketing is the placement of targeted ads to an audience, or a part of it, who has visited a website while browsing other websites on the […]
21 February 2017
http vs https

Google: Http websites not secure

In order to make internet safer for all users, since January 2017, when Chrome 56 came out, Google defines all websites that are not in http […]
23 April 2015

Website design using ESPA subsidy

Have you ever thought about the construction of a website or an e-shop in order to promote your business and increase your sales and have you […]
20 April 2015

Deal with Nikou law firm

A deal has been made with Nikou law firm for the construction of their website.