20 April 2015

Deal with Nikou law firm

A deal has been made with Nikou law firm for the construction of their website.
2 April 2015

Website design for people with special needs. Internet access is a right for everyone

Design Guidelines for website design for people with special needs During the construction of websites for people with the special needs the designers must comply with […]
30 March 2015

Deal with PETER PAN playground

A contract has been signed for PETER PAN’s playground website design.
26 March 2015

Deal with SEKE LUKOU SA company

We signed a contract for a web site design for SEKE LUKOU SA company.
19 February 2015

Deal with club Lefkopetra

We signed a contract for the web site construction of Cultural and Sporting club Lefkopetras
3 January 2015

Why should you choose WordPress for the construction of your website?

What is WordPress? WordPress is a modern online publishment system and content management• in other words, a mean to create your website or blog nice and […]
2 January 2015

Logo design. The basis of a website

The right and smart logo design and complete corporate info is the basis for a succesfull promotion strategy. The logo and the corporate info in general […]
30 December 2014

Why you do need responsive design in the construction of your website?

In latter years the rise of use of tablets and Smartphone devices, makes the adjustment of website design in them necessary. Responsive Design of a website […]