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Custom E-Shop Design And Construction

Of course we do not stop here. In all of the above offers SmartWebDesign can add whichever application is necessary to satisfy your need. The inclusion or exclusion of individual servicesin all of the above packages, that are necessary for your e-shop can be easily done by us in order to satisfy you completely. After having analysed your needs and particularities, we will adjust the design of your e-shop, and we will proceed in the creation of a complete e-shop to full satisfy you by the result.

Furthermore, if your requirements exceed the limits of a simple e-shop design, we are completely capable of creating custom design and programming applications.


Cost Of Proposed Extras



As long as your needs exceed the limits of a premade template, our experienced graphic designers can design for you an original and unique custom template.for your Design Dynamic Website


The connection among your logo and your company’s name, your domain and the activity is for us a form of art. The selection of a charming, smart and unique logo will be made by you after the design and presentation of many alternatives that will be shown to you.


Graphic designers with long-term experience in the field and great creativity can offer you a complete corporate info. We design your logo, the folders, your business cards and whatever else you may need to promote your business.


One of the basic communication channels for the promotion of your activities and Internet Marketing is Newsletters dispatch.
We establish and undertake educating you about a newsletter system to be able to send e-mails to your visitors quickly and easily.


Your website may attract foreign visitors which makes the addition of extra languages necessary for the achievement of your targets.
We are capable of installing during the design of your dynamic website or even later whichever and as many extra languages you desire.


In many cases depending on your kind of activity it is possible that you may need file download-upload
from and to your website or e-shop. With the installation of a widget for file management, which is really easy to use, it becomes a piece of cake.


You want to present your work or promote themes about your activity through videos in order to make them more direct and understandable to your clients. Add videos through youtube, vimeo or even add whichever video you want to project through your website. This becomes possible by adding the right application for video upload and after we teach you how to use it.


In SmartWebDesign as long as simple presentation of your products, services or projects does not completely satisfies you, we proceed in the installation of Image Gallery so you are able to add an unlimited number of pictures you want of your liking categorized and with a description.


We design your Pay Per Click Advertising (Google AdWords) on key words of your choice and of course we also make our suggestions, so you have completely targeted results and not spend your money unnecessarily. We help you maximize the value of the budget you have set for your promotion in Google.


Socia Media are nowadays one of the most basic communication and advertising channels in internet marketing. SmartWebDesign provides complete solutions in this field helping you create your own networks in these communities. We undertake creating your profile, as well as managing it for you.


It is clear that when we decide to design a website, our aim is to extend our customers database, make our products well-known, our services and activities. Our target is our website or e-shop to be seen and visited by as many people as possible. SmartWebDesign offers website promotion techniques so you have the best possible results using Search Engine Optimization, (SEO). Advertisement in the key words you are interested in, aiming exclusively to the users that are interested for what you are offering. Our services adjust to your needs and every website is designed and constructed based on different criteria.


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