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Easy fast cheap solutions


For the construction of websites and e-shop we offer you free of charge domain registration, hosting and besides from the basic packages 10 hours of technical support.

During the construction process design and development of a website or an e-shop we put aside our personal preferences. Two are the main factors from which our proposition we will make in order to give a solution for your website. Your business plans and objectives and your budget. Based on these factors we will propose a solution adjusted to your needs. We possess adeptness experience in website construction in Thessaloniki as well as the rest Greece and vast experience and specialization in OOP PHP (Object Oriented Programming) technologies.

You are in need of a website or an e-shop that is demanding and complicated and will be able to develop in the future on a big scale? As far as website construction is concerned we possess the knowledge and the ability to develop even the most sophisticated web application. We are not afraid of undertaking big projects because we may be a new company but each one of us carries years of experience in website construction.