Does my web-site has control panel?
Yes. Every hosting account in SmartWebDesign is delivered with latesh technology contro panel by cPanel. cPanel brings many management possibilities like email creation-settings, pre-installed cgi scripts, database, statistics and many more.
How often is my software updated?
SmartWebDesign often checks for server software updates. We keep up daily with security matters and set our servers so they always are «up to date».
How safe is my web site?
All SmartWebDesign servers are fully armored, with all softwares updated to their latest versions ( apache, php, cPanel etc. ) with suPHP existence that ensures the safety when an account is violated, with secured ports, optimized kernel, protection software against attacks and many more. That does not mean that someone can guarantee the absolute safety of a server from a malicious attack. Even web site like NASA’s have been attacked. Our objective and main care is the provision of maximum security in our client’s web site. The owner himself though must care for the basics of his hosting account.

The basics that the hosting account owner should know are:

1.Care so that the applications he uses are always up to date and not be reported as insecure.
2.Care so that his files and directories have the right permissions.
3.Do not make use of easy passwords in cPanel, neither in ftp. All passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers with at least 8 characters.
4.Care that the pc, from where he is logging in, is not infected and does not have keyloggers.
5.Not share the entry points with others.
6.Always log-out when finishing his work and never leave his pc with his session when not needed.

The 6 above steps can avert most attacks.
How much does a web site cost?
The investment you will make for the creation of your web site depends on the result you demant that it has. There are good web sites, there also cheap web sites. The final cost depends on from many factors, though the two that are most essential are time and the content it will include ( video, photos, programs, etc.). Special attention must be given when choosing the proper web designer because many exploit the ignorance of their clients about internet and overprice them while the web-site is also badly designed. We try for the best result in the best price.
What are the characteristics of a «good» web site?
Efficient design, easy navigation, simple and informative texts, clear design without meaningless and unnecessary «gadgets» and additives, cross browser reliability.
How will a web site contribute to my business?
A web site can offer many advantages, such as: economic Marketing improved business icon increase in sales improved relationships with your customers A web site can help you acquire more customers, be in touch with your current customers and allows you to respond faster and effectively a rapidly changing market.
My business is located in a different city than yours. Can we collaborate?
No problem at all. The nature of our job is such that with the use of the internet and modern communication methods allows for collaboration no matter what the distance is. After a telephone/internet conversation or even face to face contact, we define your targets and prepare a proposition that will cover your needs. The distance problem will not matter during the design phase, nor during the development phase. Our targets are excellent communication and client satisfaction.
How much time is needed for a website to be completed?
The design and construction time of a web site can be from only a few days to a few months. This depends on many factors: The size of the web site. The services it will offer The applications that it will run The time needed from the web site owner to provide the content to the constructor (photos, videos, texts, etc.). Delivery time is usually estimated during the design phase and is delivered on time according to the contract that has been signed.
Can i design a web site on my own?
Of course! If you like using HTML, CSS, SSL, CGI, SSI, XML, PHP, CFM, JSP, ASP, DHTML, SHTML, Flash, Java, …. If you do not want to spend months (maybe years) to learn the basics about web site development and design, it would be advised to trust the design of your website to a professional.
Can you guarantee that my web site will be first in search engine results?
No. And none company in the field that respects itself and their customers can guarantee that. Here Here you can read Google's article about this subject.
Can you guarantee that my web site will be high enough in search engine results?
We can guarantee you that we will undertake the promotion and registration of your company through the optimization process for search engines (SEO) using modern techniques ( registration in other web sites, advertising campaigns, text optimization etc.) in order your website climbs high enough in search results.
After the completion of my web site, what further services do i need?
Some web sites need daily update, some minimum and some do not need at all. Some may need security updates, some may not. The maintenance process and your web site future needs is something that needs to be discussed with your web designer.