How does Remarketing work and does your website needs it?

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Remarketing is the placement of targeted ads to an audience, or a part of it, who has visited a website while browsing other websites on the web.

How does Remarketing work?

Remarketing works by placing cookies in the browser that a visitor uses when he meets the criteria you have set. They are (the users) then added to your remarketing list.

What are these criteria?

The only criterion may have to be that someone visited your website, you might want to target visitors who visited a particular page of your site or those who filled out a contact form.

Once the cookie is placed on the visitor’s device, it begins to be “bombarded” by advertising messages while browsing the internet.

What are the benefits of Remarketing?Πώς λειτουργεί το remarketing - SmartWebDesignRe-approaching customers

While only 5 to 8% of visitors to a website are making a purchase in this first time they are visiting, remarketing is a very effective and cost-effective solution to get the rest of the 95% of visitors back and push them to perform some action on a website.

Increase conversions

The number of times an advertisement of your products or services to a potential customer is very important when he is ready to make a purchase. People who visit a web site two, three or more times are much more likely to make a purchase on it as their products and services are already known.

Acquire competitors customers

In markets that are particularly competitive, such as private search offices, remarketing can offer you the competitive edge you need by constantly displaying advertisements so your potential customer will prefer you rather than a competitor.

The Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Τα στοιχεία μας επιτυχημένης καμπάνιας remarketing - SmartWebDesign

High relevancy

The more relevant to the prospective customer is the ad that he is viewing, the higher the chance of him making a purchase. Remarketing offers businesses the ability to show ads to their audience with high relevance to products and services that interest them. For example, repeatedly viewing a product that was viewed on your site.

Graphic design

A stylish and beautiful graphic design is essential to attract your potential customers visually. On the contrary, an ugly visual display will not only bring the desired results but it will have a negative impact on the results of your advertising campaign.


The main advantage of remarketing is that it enables businesses to re-connect visitors to their site. Showing them a tempting promotional message, such as a discount coupon code for their purchases in your store or a discounted product, the chances of making sales are rising sharply.

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