You have built your website and now expect to generate revenue but you notice that these are either non-existent or not sufficient. The main reason this happens is one: Your website has low traffic. Even the most impressive website can not be profitable when your potential customers can not find it. What your website needs is the right online advertising to reach your potential clientele.

SmartWebDesign offers complete web page promotion and marketing services tailored to the needs of each customer, aiming to achieve your business goals.

Web site promotion services provided:

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

The most cost effective and long-term investment you can make to promote your site on the internet. At a time when more than 2 trillion searches per year are searched only on Google’s search engine, displaying high in your search engine results ensures:

  • High traffic that leads to increased sales
  • Dramatically reducing your dependence on ad payer methods
  • Increases the visibility of your site and your company
  • Adds prestige to your website as search engines place high pages that meet certain qualitative features


In SmartWebDesign, the strategy we are pursuing to improve the position your site takes in search results is:

  • Analysis of competition
  • Targeting to the most effective keywords
  • Optimizing the structure and speed of the page (Technical SEO)
  • Content creation and production
  • Backlink acquisition
  • Reports on the progress of the page
Adwords Campaigns

What is the ideal time to advertise the products or services you offer to a potential customer?

The moment he needs it. Most likely, when someone searches for a product / service is to be in a search or purchase process. At that time the consumer expects companies and brands to meet their consumer needs. (These moments are referred to as micromoments by Google)

Google Adwords allows advertisers to appear first in search results while their potential customers are looking for a product or service.

At SmartWebDesign, we specialize in creating cost-effective and profitable Adword campaigns for our customers.

The steps we follow are as follows:

Setting a daily budget in cooperation with the client and its budget capabilities
Research of the most profitable keywords to bid
Write attractive advertising messages with full exploitation of the extensions offered by Google Adwords
Daily tracking the progress of ads and making changes to continually improve performance

Remarketing / Retargeting

The most powerful weapon in digital marketing.

At the time when the consumer is literally bombarded by advertisements, visiting one site only is not enough to do any action on it. According to statistics, only 2% of those who visit a page for the first time make a purchase on it.

It is understandable how important it is for a business to reach out to someone who has visited it again and lead them to take action on it.

Google and Facebook offer businesses the tools they need to do at a much lower cost compared to other forms of advertising (just a few cents per click).

If you wish to enhance your online presence and want to invest in this, Remarketing Campaigns must be an integral part of your digital strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a practice which is used by many companies for the promotion of their products or services and is based on the dispatch newsletters aiming in the sale of a product or service.


– Low cost
– Quick response from the receiver
– Personalised conduct with the receiver
– Automatic shaping of the message depending on the receivers and the aims of the campaign
– Wide coverage of communication objectives
– Easy organization and implement of the campaign with minimum investment in time and money
– Instant recording and counting of the reaction of the receivers through specialised tools

In SmartWebDesign we offer: Newsletter construction using the most advanced design tools and dispatch of e-mails.