Web Design

For the construction of web sites and the creation of eshop we offer free of charge for the first year domain registration, hosting and besides basic packages technical support for 10 hours. In the process of manufacturing, designing and developing a website or e-shop, we leave aside our personal preferences. There are two main factors on which the proposal we are going to make in order to provide the solution for your website. Your business goals and goals and your budget.


Internet Marketing

You have built your website and now expect to generate revenue but you notice that these are either non-existent or not sufficient. The main reason this happens is one: Your website has low traffic. Even the most impressive website can not be profitable when your potential customers can not find it. What your website needs is the right online advertising to reach your potential clientele.


Social media

Almost all age groups make heavy use of social media helping them become an even bigger advertising medium than traditional media like television. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace and Youtube are the dominant brands in the world of social media and the lack of presence is these media limits your website.


Domain Name - Hosting

Your websites are being hosted in a modern and reliable data center which is supported from a fast optical fiber network and all the necessary equipment. We offer you unbeatable uptime guarantees and full time support. These in conjuction with our well-trained staff offer you an excellent level of service, reliability and safety. As a customer you can be rest assured that your website will be smoothly on-line and that the support you will be given will be top-quality.



Our biggest advertisement is the satisfaction of our customers. In SmartWebDesign we support you and are there for you in every step you take. We do not just deliver and then disappear. Market conditions like your business needs continiously change and your website must be capable of satisfying them.