While searching for a company which makes eligible websites, i came across SmartWebDesign’s website .

After speaking with its experts, i was sure that they would up for the job and that they would complete fast and responsibly. The quality of the website’s design was really good while the prices were really competitive, especially in comparison with other companies prices.

After only 20 days, the website was complete. I was really satisfied by this company and i would surely recommend it to my colleagues for their own companies.

They also provide support and service even after the construction of the website, something of extreme importance for every website’s function.


Nikos Marinakis


I found SmartWebdesign randomly while searching for a web design company for our hotel.

With professionalism and fast actions, Michalis created a beautiful and modern website, that proved to be a great tool for us. Reasonable prices and nice aesthetics helped in the increase of our sales.

I thank them and look forward to enhance our parthnership.


Aris Kyratzoglou


While searching for a parthner to upgrade our company’s website, where i work, i found SmartWebDesign.

From the first meeting, Michalis had the energy and the positive vibe to fulfill our requirements and cover all our needs. Leonidas is an ally in whatever requirements campe up and are still coming. At a company, such as SmartWebDesign is, there are people with whom you can friendly converse, also finding responses and solutions for all your question, being an excellent partner with them is unavoidable.

Keep going guys!




We would like to thank SmartWebDesign’s team for its excellent job that the have made.

The team’s excellent customer service added with the creativity and functionality displayed in our website exceed by far our expectations and meet the global standards we wish our website to have.


Kiki Papaikonomou

We co-operated with Michalis in SmartWebDesign because we had to upgrade our web site.
We understood immediately that we would be having a professional support. The change in our new web site was really big in its usability as well as its outlook. Finally, a big positive was the immediate response in our needs when we needed their help.
The outcome was excellent, much better than expected.


John Vlachopoulos

Our company wanted for a long time to upgrade and promote a static web site, that we had online. We met Michalis in SmartWebDesign and the result was spectacular.

We were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful management, knowledge, professionalism and effort that everybody in SmartWebDesign made for the promotion of our interests as well as their honesty to us.

We have much more to do.


Markos – Manolis

When we started organizing our company, we considered our web site as of great importance because we see it as a mirror of each company’s personality and character.

The most basic characteristics, that we searched for were functionality, friendly environment for the visitors, security, as well as a good outlook. After a lot of research in the market we chose SmartWebDesign because the solution that they offered all those characteristics and in a very affordable price.

The result is impressive and equivalent to our expectations!


Mpasiakoulis Alexandros

After searching the market in the web site field, we chose SmartWebDesign, because they presented us a modern web design way.

As a result, we had an original web site in the food field, where it promotes our company Olive’s Earth, in the best way possible.

We are completely satisfied with the result!


Stamatis Konstantinos

I met Michalis in July 15 and asked for the best match-prediction web site for betting in Greece.

Two months later the particular project became reality supervised by Michalis and the creativity from SmartWebDesign’s team. Perfect timeline compliance, absolute comprehension of our needs, some of them being quite demanding and always immediate response in whatever wish me or my partners had.

The result was excellent and in short time its traffic levels rose high.


Oikonomopoulos Tolis

Spectacular work from incredible people!

People that have the patience to describe you everything, the mood to propose, the solution that you may not think of, the ability to organize your subject in a better basis than your own initial thought.

Michalis and his partners is the silent force that earns your trust from the first meeting.


Pater Dimitrios

The people in SmartWebDesign are excellent professionals.

They face politely, always smiling, always being on the timeline while offering competitive prices, in Thessaloniki as well as in rest of Greece.

I believe that they are the epitome of value for money in their field.


Kouidis Antonis

Our company in Thessaloniki, was thinking for a long time of creating a web site in order to have an online presence.

With the right and absolute professional co-operation with SmartWebDesign’s team we managed to create a web site which responds to our needs and offers a decent and complete information about our company.


Velentzas Tasos

We co-operated with SmartWebDesign in the Spring of 2013.

Michalis and the rest of SmartWebDesign’s team understood and embraced our philosophy. People in SmartWebDesign, became our people. They suggested solutions, gave us ideas and the greatest of all, corrected our mistakes.

During the implementation of our project the followed our thoughts consistently. Finally, they presented us the result, which was a fast web site, functional, that transmitted our company’s message.

Thank you


Rountis Aristotelis