Website design for people with special needs using techniques that help the accessibility of people with special needs. More efficient product and service presentation

In SmartWebDesign we offer you the capability of the web content accessibility guideline use which is worldwide acceptable for people with special needs and it is call WCAG 2.0. This way your website is accesible for people with special needs offering them the opportunity to see the sum of your company’s activities.

The compliance with the web content accessibility guidelines for world wide web by world wide web consortium is divided in 3 leves: A, AA and AAA (depending on which control definitions are satisfied and their priority)

We can create your website meeting all those requirements so your website is considered WCAG 2.0 compliant.

Website design with full compatability and all the requierements that HTML and WCAG 2.0.A.A guidelines set to help people with special needs access.

The website design for people with special needs includes approved navigation capabilities from international control tools, like W3C HTML validator (http://validator.w3.org/), web accessibility evaluation tool (http://wave.webaim.org/) and http://achecker.ca

We help you in your company’s participation in relevant subsidized ΕΣΠΑ programs, in order to cover the funding requirements by European Union.

The construction and design of websites for people with special needs is made upon the following criteria:

The website:


    • is text-oriented


    • does not have sound


    • has prioritized structure


    • has simplified set-up


    • provides mechanisms that helps users track content, direct themselves and navigate in it


    • has readable content


    • has predictable content